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For over 15 years, Tom Hinderholtz has been designing, and manufacturing lights for the motorcycle aftermarket. Many of you have met Tom, if you’ve attended a major rally like Sturgis or Daytona.

Tom_knuckleheadFor over 15 years, Tom Hinderholtz has been designing, and manufacturing lights for the motorcycle aftermarket. Many of you have met Tom, if you’ve attended a major rally like Sturgis or Daytona. You’ll usually find him in the J&P cycles store.

Repping AutoGem products. AutoGem’s major focus is on custom Bolt on lighting  for the Harley after market. AutoGem started out making, glass license plate jewels. Like you found back in the forty’s, and fifty’s. But Tom thought that they would make a cool little light, and AutoGem was born. When asked  why the name AutoGem and not CycleGem Tom Explains that the Motorcycle industry is a segment of the automotive industry, and he felt that a lot of the guys who ride are also streetrodders.

Tom felt his light’s would look as cool holding the plate on a custom rod, as on your cruiser. After all Both custom Bike’s, and Rod’s are born out of the forty’s and fifty’s. When Guy’s would take an old car and customize it, or Knucklehead, and Bob it. As you all know, that very same spirit is alive and well today, in all the innovative accessories you see today. Tom Hinderholtz, and AutoGem over the past fifteen years has taken that little light, and made into solid company with a way cool design philosophy. With the LED Technology allowing for low amperage draw and super brightness in a small package. The timing was right for AutoGem . While LED’s produce a very intense light, they have a limited viewing angle. But AutoGem’s Trademark lens design is able to take that light and bend it all around, to increase its viewing angle, with out forfeiting the LED’s intense brightness.

Tom has taken his little lights and expanded his product line. Like the ShotGun lights, designed to replace the rear fender and saddle mounting/ support system on 92 to 08 FLHT series frames. Allowing you, to convert to, a lay down license plate bracket. Or Tom’s lowdown deluxe plate bracket that uses the stock directional bar mounting holes. For those of you with Softails  everyone seems to have the same dilemma. Finding a light that lets you use the detachable hardware, and will not interfere with you saddle bags and still look cool. AutoGem’s Deringer lights do all of that. These cool little lights are notched out to tuck in, and come straight back of the rear fender strut. They’re mounting system is slotted to adjust them for a prefect fit every time. While there are many bullet lights out there to choose from. AutoGem’s Baby Bullets are truly unique, in that their, one of the smallest bullet lights, on the market today.

For those of you that want that Clean minimalist look. Unfortunately you still have to have a license plate, and light’s if you want the cager’s to see you while your out roaming the streets. The powerJewel is the light; because they look like a license plate reflector they’ll blend in with the physical features of your bike but brightly stand out so you’ll be seen by all that share the road’s with you.

Any questions, suggestions or comments about our products, website or anything else, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

For more info on, call 1-800-390-1955, 262-835-9880 fax 262-835-9883

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